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the history of Egilsstaðir and Fljótsdalshéraðs

Initially it was Valaskjálf built by sveitastjórn the district in 1966 as a community center. A few years later was the kind of Hotel Valaskjálf based due to the sharp increase ferðafólks to the district. The unique beauty of nature with the skiing area for neskaupstadur as the main attraction was the primary cause of this increase
Egilsstaðabær was established by the icelandic Parliament in 1947. Egilsstadir takes its name from the same-titled the farm which formerly belonged to the land on which the town stands on. Originally, the town only 110.
In the beginning was the primary sector of the town services to the agriculture of the district. Shortly after Kaupfélags Héraðsbúa was established increased the population of the city to remember and varies sector began to flourish. Around 1980, the population had tífaldast and today create more than 2000 people in Egilsstadir.
The natural beauty of the Fljótsdalshéraðs has drawn a number of visitors both foreign and domestic. Icelanders have a long download in the forest of fully grown Fljótsdalinn where you can find one of the largest forest of the country Hallormsstaðarskóg (where is the Hotel Williams of one of the hotels 701 Hotel chain), returning which has a store Lagarfljótsorminn and so the beautiful the skiing area for neskaupstadur.
Do not forget the blossoming of the cultural life that thrives in Egilsstadir with tónlistarviðburðum, hagyrðingamótum and more.

Hotel Valaskjálf

Is at Egilsstadir capital of east iceland and is located in the popular province of the District which has to store many of the most beautiful natural attractions of the country. The Province is a lot of cultural and artistic life that is shaped by the beauty of the environment.

Whether you apply In the home due to the nature, culture or if you want to einfaldleganjóta rólegrar stay in beautiful surroundings then the Hotel Valskjálf your home away from home.

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