hengifoss (foss means waterfall)

hengifoss is the second highest waterfall in iceland (128 m) and particularly picturesque. in the cliffs around the waterfall there are visible layers between numerous tertiary lava strata that yield a reddish colour. the gorge that leads to hengifoss is made of beautiful columnar basalt where you will find a small set of waterfalls in which litlanesfoss is the most noteworthy.

the climb all away up to hengifoss can be a little demanding with a small stream crossing but one can admire the grandeur of the waterfall from a distance without wading.


dyrfjöll is considered by many to be the most dramatic mountain ranges in iceland. rising precipitously to an altitude of 1136m they can be seen from a great distance.

the name dyrfjöll means, in fact, door mountain and gets the name due to the large and eye-catching notch in the highest peak. the mountain range is located between the héraðssandur plains and borgarfjörður eystri.

on the western flank of the range is stórurð, a hiker‘s paradise. stórurð is an extraordinary place where huge boulders lay scattered in between glacial ponds.


the spectacular fardagafoss waterfall is only about 5 km from egilsstaðir and a perfect place for a light hiking tour. the ascent from the parking area to the fall takes about half an hour. under way you can enjoy the beautiful gorge and views over the whole valley.

the last phase of the trail can be a rough walk, a chain is fastened in the cliff to get down to the water, but it´s worth it. behind the waterfall is a small cave and if you manage to get that far you can write in the guest book there.