Salmon and Trout fishing

Iceland is known to many anglers for some of the best salmon fishing in the world today. Less known is the fact that there are also outstanding trout fishing opportunities. There are many rivers and lakes that offer good trout fishing, both brown trout and char.

Fishing season

Fishing season for many lakes is restricted to May through September. Some lakes remain open all year, even for ice fishing. Salmon season cannot exceed 90 days per river, and the dates are usually set from the first half of June to the first half of September.

Sea Angling

Virtually every coastal village in Iceland offers sea angling. Success is near guaranteed, at least for cod, and many tours make arrangements for you to eat your catch for dinner. Unlike freshwater fishing, permits aren't required, as long as you don't return to port knee-deep in fish.

Note: All fishing equipment -- including rods, reels, waders, and tackle boxes -- must be disinfected before entering Iceland, except for brand-new items. (The disinfection facility at Keflavík International Airport recently closed.) Customs officials will need to see a veterinarian's certificate for proof. Importing any organic bait is out of the question, unless it's thoroughly cooked.